Putting the power of price in the hands of your customers

The Bill Credits Program is a robust opportunity for companies to empower customers with the ability to convert everyday lifestyle purchases into bill credits leading to increased retention and customer satisfaction and a sustainable competitive advantage.

Billcredits.com is an exciting loyalty program designed to help industries stung by customer churn while presenting customers with an exciting and simple way to save money without having to cut services.

We focus on enhancing your acquisition and retention efforts by putting the power of pricing in the hands of the customers using our exclusive Bill Credits Program, your customers will benefit from living their daily lives, and you will benefit from an established relationship.


  •  Customers convert everyday purchases into bill credits
  •  Merchant funded rebates
  •  Program features over 25,000 merchants
  •  Turn-key solution
  • Benefits

  •  Enables customer to lower their monthly service costs
  •  Doesn’t negatively affect your ARPU
  •  Complete corporate coverage in all 50 states
  •  Easy to implement and maintain platform