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LifePays Direct Mail & Loyalty Card Division specializes in designing, producing and implementing loyalty solutions that encourage consumer retention and repeat purchase behavior.

Winners of the 2011 MARK Award for "Partnership Marketing, Multimedia Campaign," LifePays endeavors to produce a tailored solution for your company's specific needs that will generate redemption rates as high as 40%.; a fantastic ROI that results in increased customer retention.

At LifePays, we are proud of the awards we have won, but we are more proud of the results we have generated for our clients. Call us today and learn how we can build the perfect solution for your company. For More Information


Plastic Mailer with Removable Gift/Value Card



Multi-Message Card Pack


Our multi-message card pack enables you to promote several products/services all in one convenient pack. Like nothing else, our multi-message card pack will enable you to connect with your customer base on a regular basis.


Great Ideas for Great CompaniesOur turnkey programs provide comprehensive services including: imaging and encoding, affixing and packaging, mailing and fulfillment; along with multiple card material options.
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