With LifePays, dining and shopping pays!

Restaurant and Retail Rewards is designed to enable your customers to earn your gift cards simply by favoring your business over all others. Using our proprietary technology, our customer loyalty program will enhance the relationship your business has with its customer base and:

  • •   Retain existing customers and increase ticket average
  • •   Encourage more visits
  • •   Provide you with a performance based loyalty program that delivers results
  • •   Increase revenue for your business

How We Serve Up Loyalty & Revenue

Our LifePays Rewards is focused on creating loyal customers. We understand the importance of generating repeat business in the service and retail industry and our program not only delivers that, but enables customers to earn rewards simply by favoring your business.

How Does it Work?

Simple to implement:
  • 1.   Enroll your business for FREE – No start up fees
  •    •   Select a reward rate that customers earn each time they patronize
           your establishment (i.e. 10%)
  •    •   Select a reward threshold for customers (i.e. $25)
  •    •   Promote the program to your customers

  • 2.   Customers enroll in the program
  •    •   Customers visit your business and when they spend enough to reach
           the target threshold, the LifePays system automatically notifies you
           to send them a reward gift card to use on a future visit

  • 3.   Start your program today
  •    •   No staff training
  •    •   Works with your current POS
  •    •   No operational changes

  • With consumers having more choices, this program is a powerful way to thank them for favoring your business and ensure repeat business!

    Why Rewards?

    The answer is simple: the same old rewards programs just aren’t cutting it anymore. Establishing a relationship with your customers and developing them into loyal, repeat customers is vital to success. Our program exemplifies our commitment to helping you prosper while enabling consumers to use their loyalty to stretch their dollars by earning gift cards.